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Generally speaking, everyone needs a healthy, pleasant and comfortable living environment; CARE FOR OUR PLANET. Climood is always looking for the best fit between situation and solution.

Arjo van den Elshout founder of CLIMOOD says:

“Apart from this primary need, from a young age I have been extremely fascinated and inspired by scientist and astronaut Wubbo Ockels. His final words in his last speech were:

With these words of wisdom my journey begun of changing and passsing them on, by translating them to the world of Smart Buildings and climate control technology.

Also, Albert Einstein states as theoretical physicist and developer of the Relativity Theory that the way to save this planet from destruction can never be solved from an I perspective but only from a WE centered society. In a WE society people care a lot more about well-being, happiness and awareness. In this new world the I perspective is secondary, in favor of global thinking and the all-encompassing solidarity amongst people and nature.

Based on this philosophy, when creating Smart buildings and a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate, in a true partnership with those involved, we are the personal coaches that arrange it, using the MOOD factor



The personal coaches for SMART building processes and optimizing Building Management Systems.

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Optimizing the comfort level of indoor climate and reducing energy consumption.

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Supporting organizations and people using the MOOD factor.

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