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After completing my energy technology studies with a specialization in mechatronics, I have continued my studies in the field of digital automatization processes in industrial environments. I have gained a total of 25 years of relevant work experience of which 15 years as an entrepreneur. I manage technical processes in buildings specializing in Building Management Systems and Climate Control Technologies and convert these technologies into goal-oriented economical solutions. Climood evaluates / analyzes existing buildings and provides clients with solid, bespoke advice in order to create a healthy indoor climate and reduce energy consumption.

In order to transform a building into a SMART BUILDING, Climood aims to shoulder the burden of the building’s users / owners / global players such as Siemens / local system integrators by jointly developing a tailored SaaS environment where all necessary services are included and where economical and technical knowledge are a game changer.

People and the planet are at the center of Climood’s operations, with a focus on integrated platform solutions in Smart Buildings and infrastructure combined with Internet of Things (IoT).


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