CitizenM “Meet the new way to hotel”


Next level BMS systems and the journey to SMART buildings (ESG / CRREM).

CitizenM “Meet the new way to hotel”

Next level BMS systems and the journey to SMART buildings (ESG / CRREM).

CitizenM has opened her doors this summer in Los Angeles, in a few weeks in San Francisco, winter in Miami and it’s second hotels in Washington, Boston and Seattle.  

Further expansion in London, Paris and new locations in Rome and Dublin, Austin and Menlopark over the next 2 years.  

These beautiful hotels in top locations will be added to the existing portfolio in New York, Amsterdam, Rotterdam Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva and Asia.  

Climood, partner of CitizenM, is the quality gate for the MEP-BMS process and advisor in the journey to SMART Buildings since 2020. The first goal is to create the right MEP-BMS-IT environment and infrastructure. The second goal is to integrate all local BMS systems into the Siemens cloud, from the cloud CitizenM is able to manage its properties globally.

Finally CitizenM is ready for flexible and customized implementation of BMS SaaS.

The Cloud BMS in combination with IoT technology, brings CitizenM her property’s to a SMART buildings platform which makes it able to take the next steps in ESG and CRREM.

For sure next level cloud BMS, serves CitizenM in its “meet the new way the hotel and affordable luxury for the people”.  

In the journey to SMART Buildings, CitizenM has set up a strategic partnership with Siemens global smart infrastructure.

In the MEP-BMS RIBA process from design until handover, Climood covers all quality checks remote and on-site. Collaboration, knowledge, change and people management are the key’s for success.

After a Covid period of 1.5 years in which all development and project teams worked creatively and innovatively, Climood started its USA on-site checks in San Francisco this week where the BMS witness test was performed.

November we will visit Miami and Washington and in December we will visit Los Angeles and Seattle.

The next upcoming weeks and months we share our travels and adventures in the USA with you.

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